Testimonials from our Customers


“I have been using their service for more than 4 years and have been very pleased with them.  Ryan, my account rep, has kept my building at 90% to 100% occupied and  no problem renters.  He was recommended to us by my real estate buddy/ childhood friend from North Portland), and I would do the same.”

– Dennis Johnson, Portland Gold Buyers  –  2/19/2015


“Recently our apartment was taken over by RMS.  At first we were a bit nervous with the transition and that all previous agreements with the owners would be followed.  I am happy to say that after eight months all agreements have been followed and any issue however small has been taken care of quickly and to our satisfaction or better.”

– Bill S., RMS Tenant  –  2/12/2015


“I have been using RMS for about three years now and they go above and beyond.  I would recommend them to anyone.  Ryan Cesla is my property manager and I really couldn’t be happier working with him.  The three things that have been the best:
1- they’re timely, cost effective, and I’ve made more money using them than when I was doing it myself
2- they relieve you of picking out qualified tenants, dealing with difficult tenants
3- when its tax time their forms are organized and my accountant loves them

– Jack Majors, RMS Client  –  2/9/2015


“We recently rented a one bedroom condo in the Pearl District and we’re very satisfied with not only the unit itself, but with the handling of our needs by Rental Management Services.  They found exactly what we were looking for, and the process was seamless and easy.  The RMS representative was knowledgeable, courteous.  If we again need to pursue a rental in the Portland area we will definitely turn to RMS.”

– Thomas Taylor, RMS Tenant  –  1/15/15


“I moved to Maui a year and a half ago and put my home into the hands of RMS. I have been extremely happy with the quick response to communications and concerns from both myself and my renters. If you need help with a rental property I would highly recommend RMS for the job.”

– Claire Eischen, RMS Client  –  1/21/2014


“As a renter, I’ve been very happy with RMS. We lived in a townhouse well outside their normal operating range (East Gresham), but they were still very prompt and efficient with the few problems we had with the place. Easiest place I’ve dealt with over the years, and sad they don’t have anything smaller available in our area, otherwise we’d still be happy to work with them. It has been awful trying to find a new place to live that have any good reviews. No idea how it is to work with them as an owner, but as a renter we have been very satisfied.”

– Josh B., RMS Tenant  –  5/8/2013


“RMS has taken care of my property for me now for several years. I also had  a property manager for another home in San Diego. RMS has given me superior service. They answer my questions promptly and any work that is needed is completed quickly. I have the opportunity to see the stark contrast in service. I had to fire my manager in San Diego. RMS is a hard act to follow. I can’t imagine using anyone else to manage my rental property. With utmost confidence, I recommend their services.”

– Judi Cantrell, RMS Owner  –  3/12/2013